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Tips to Self-Care When There's a Snow Storm

Cold weather and lack of sunshine can get us into some sort of "hibernation mode" and can impact our mental health. We produce less serotonin (happy hormones) and more melatonin (sleepy hormones). It may feel easier to curl up under a blanket and isolate yourself, but don't.

We can't control the weather, so here's what we can do instead to combat winter blues.

Stay Connected

Reach out to loved ones. Spend some quality time with family playing board games or singing karaoke.

Load on Vita

Grab that multivitamin or vitamin D capsules, or munch on oranges, tuna, or salmon.

Work Out

Go for a walk when applicable. Bring out a yoga mat or dumbbells, and do a home workout. Or just dance. Research has shown that working out helps lift our mood.

Get Creative

Finish that DIY project. Knit or crochet. Write that book. Play or make music. Bake a mood-lifting cake or pie.

Reflect & Relax

Meditate, read, watch a feel-good movie, or listen to music. Or spend some time journaling a heart-to-heart conversation with yourself.


Have you been putting off planning that vacation or dinner party? Or finding where to start your new hobby? GO FOR IT!


This is a time to be kind to yourself, to reach out if you're struggling, and more importantly, to remember that it will pass.

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