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Couples Therapy: How to Turn ‘Oh No’ into ‘We Got This’

Hey there! If you’re here today, chances are you’re in the “Oh no, what have I done?!” phase of your relationship, and it feels like you're trying to jam a square peg into a round hole BLINDFOLDED. Fun!


So let’s get real for a moment. Whether it's your fifth date or your fifth anniversary, every couple faces their share of challenges. From the epic saga of the dishes left in the sink or the great debate over “you-said-I-said”, every couple has their thing. But here’s the good news: happy couples is a game you can learn to play, and that’s where couples therapy comes in!


Grab a comfy seat, and let's chat about some of the not-so-cool adventures we face in our relationships, and how couples therapy can bring in hope, healing, and hell of a change.

Lost in Translation

Ever feel like you're speaking English, but your partner's tuned into an alien frequency? You’re not alone! Miscommunication is the pesky little gremlin that sneaks into even the best relationships. Picture this: you're calmly explaining why leaving dishes in the sink drives you bonkers, but all your partner hears is, “Blah, blah, blah.” Enter couples therapy, where you learn to tune into each other's frequencies. It's like becoming bilingual in the language of love. Suddenly, you're not just hearing, but listening, and those dishes? They become a thing of the past.


A Classic Oopsy

Let’s set the scene: An anniversary slips by unnoticed, and one partner is left feeling overlooked and undervalued. It’s a scenario that many couples find familiar. Enter the the art of conflict management and the critical skill of active listening. Instead of the “You NEVER ….” scenario that ends with both partners yelling and feeling like crap, picture Partner A learning how to express themselves and their needs without hurtful words or actions, and Parter 2 really tuning in, understanding the emotional impact of the oversight without rushing to defend the mistake. Et voila! Fight avoided. Through therapy, couples can learn and practice this skill with the support and guidance of their therapist, ensuring that small missteps don’t escalate into larger conflicts. And that’s what we call: winning the communication game!


The Cracked Torch: Trust

Trust is the foundation of every strong relationship, and when it’s shaken, everything else can feel unstable. Whether it’s something small like not calling when you said you would, or something larger like withholding important information, these actions can create rifts between partners. Therapy provides tangible strategies to repair and rebuild trust. It introduces specific exercises to enhance honesty, such as regular check-ins about feelings and thoughts, techniques for expressing vulnerabilities safely, and actions that show our partners that we do care! Because at the end of the day, all we want in our relationship is to feel emotionally safe and that we can rely on our partners. This is how couples restore confidence in each other, ensuring that trust isn’t just repaired, but also fortified for the long term.


When You’re Feeling Out of Sync

Ever dreamt of backpacking through Europe, while your partner dreams of settling down in a cozy home with a white fence? Or may something a little less cinematic, but you get the point. So many couples get to a point where they feel like they’re navigating by entirely different compasses. The thing is it doesn’t always have to be about compromising. Couples therapy helps you find those common landmarks so that you create a shared path that merges your dreams. And it's not all serious strategizing. Couples therapy also focuses on building the friendship at the heart of your relationship so that it’s also fun! It's about finding the fun in each other's company, turning chores into challenges, and plans into play. You find ways to mix a bit of thrill into the everyday blah! You strengthen your bond along the way and actually get to your final destinations together in the end!



The Takeaway?

Couples therapy isn’t about sitting on a couch airing grievances; it’s about stocking up on relationship hacks that actually work. Whether you’re learning to really listen, finding peaceful ends to age-old arguments, setting healthy boundaries, or remembering to laugh together, these tools are about turning "Oh no" moments into "We got this" level ups!


Remember, every couple has their challenges, but with the right tools, a little teamwork, and a bit of guidance, you can navigate anything life throws your way.

Ready to start and need support? I can help

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